Care instructions

Aqua Pack

Hand Ties can be kept in the packaging for a maximum of 2 days. Top up the water daily – After 2 days remove cellophane . We have tied the bouquet so that it can be popped into a container, cut a little of the stems at an angle and add fresh water to your container, add a little drop if bleach in the water – this will help keep bacteria at bay, and your sachet of flower food this will extend the life of your flowers. Remove any leaves below the water line. Place the bouquet in a cool position, away from heating or cooling vents, appliances, direct sunlight or draughts. Keep away from ripening fruit. To add longevity to your bouquet, change water daily.

Arrangements designed in floral foam:

Top up the arrangement daily with water, preferably over the sink. Pour the water slowly through the centre of the arrangement to avoid spills. Do not place any design directly on surfaces that may mark.
Lily pollen can stain.In case of contact, do not try to rub it off with water or your fingers, press a strip of cellotape on top of the stain and pull swiftly off, repeat until mark is gone. Berries may also stain and may not be eaten, keep away from children. Wash your hands after arranging your flowers, as some flowers have sap which can irritate the skin.
Some of our designs may arrive in a vase with water, we will inform you of that on delivery, be careful that they are placed on a mat or something that will protect the surface they are sitting on.

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